Visitors get to experience padi harvesting at 2022 MAHA

Visitors get to experience padi harvesting at 2022 MAHA

7 days ago

SERDANG: Visitors to the 2022 Malaysian Agriculture, Horticulture and Agro-tourism Exhibition (MAHA) will get to see a rice harvesting simulation, being featured for the first time as one of the many attractions at the event which starts tomorrow until Aug 14. Farmers' Organisation Board (LPP) director (Engineering Division) Zaipudin Mohamad said the Combine Harvester Simulator was provided to allow visitors to experience harvesting rice by operating the machine. "It's like doing a flight simulation. It gives visitors a virtual experience of operating a harvesting machine in the rice field, just like doing it in the padi field."We have instructors who will teach how to operate the machine and the yield will be displayed on the big screen of the simulator, as if we were actually in the rice fields harvesting rice," he told Bernama recently. Apart from the rice harvesting machine, Zaipudin said seven classic machines were also being displayed by LPP at the Mini Machinery Museum to enable visitors to get to have a closer look at the agricultural equipment used by farmers in the era between 1905 and 1957. The include the Chisel Plow and the Field Marshall tractor (model K4462) which were purchased by the Department of Agriculture in 1905 and 1952, respectively, for use in the clearing of virgin forest areas for opening of new agricultural areas."The chisel plough is operated by using a 100hp 4WD tractor or a bulldozer to pull it.

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