No medal from Pandelela-Dhabitah

No medal from Pandelela-Dhabitah

7 days ago

BIRMINGHAM: One bad dive - an inward 3 1/2 somersaults in their fourth attempt - was all it took to deny Malaysians Pandelela Rinong-Nur Dhabitah Sabri a bronze medal by a whisker in the women's 10-metre platform synchronised event of the Commonwealth Games at the Sandwell Aquatics Centre yesterday. Heading into the fourth dive in second spot overall, the pair fluffed their lines and could only collect 41.28 points to drop to sixth and last position with a total of 211.08 points. Although they recovered to score 75.84 points – the highest of their five dives – it was only enough for them to move up two spots to finish fourth with a 286.92 total – just 0.96-point short of third-placed Robyn Birch-Emily Martin (287.88) of Australia.

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