Boost Covid-19 vaccination rate, urges health expert

Boost Covid-19 vaccination rate, urges health expert

9 days ago

KUALA LUMPUR: Calls to get the country's population to take their Covid-19 vaccination should continue and be further amplified in a bid to see a bigger immunisation coverage that will help reduce daily new cases and hospital admissions due to the virus. Former health deputy director-general (medical) Professor Datuk Dr Rohaizat Yon said he wished to see the vaccination exercise go on and its rate heightened, across all segments of the society from children to adults, to hit its maximum percentage. He said there was no room for complacency even though the daily positive cases had been on a plateauing trend, hovering an average of 1,000 and 2,000, while there were low hospital admissions of categories 3 and 4 patients.

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