Siti Nurhaliza featured on prestigious Times Square Billboard

Siti Nurhaliza featured on prestigious Times Square Billboard

2 months ago

SHAH ALAM - Malaysia's top singer Datuk Seri Siti Nurhaliza has made it to the New York Times Square Billboard, representing Malaysia in the Equal Campaign by audio streaming and media services provider, Spotify.Equal is a global programme to nurture equity by highlighting female artists from around the world. There are currently 35 Equal playlists covering artists from over 50 countries, and Siti is the representative of Equal Malaysia and Singapore.“I am thankful to be given the honour to be on the famous New York Times Square digital billboard. “My appearance represents Malaysia under Equal Campaign by the world-renowned digital streaming platform, Spotify,' she said in her Facebook page. Siti Nurhaliza, 44, who is famous for her ‘Wajah Kekasih’ song, is the fifth Malaysian to be featured on Billboard after Yuna, Layla Sania, Dolla and Iman Troye.

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